The best Organic Marijuana strains and the state of the industry

As the marijuana market is evolves new categories are emerging, one that we as consumers believe to a premium offering is “organic marijuana”. Consumers associate the word organic with higher price point that comes with better taste, a healthier option and more sustainable growing process.  They want the best organic Marijuana and they’re willing to pay more to get it. The reality is big business is using the key phrase “organic marijuana” distinguishtheir product from their competition, with no regard to adhering to organic principles.  All the while we have no governing body to regulate it. All that being said, if you’re experienced grower you also, understand that organic and marijuana is not a simple as growing an apple, our process at south coast is just as healthy as organic but the end product is so superior it’s without question.  The South Coast collective has mastered the art of growing weed, we’ve been at it for decades and the product speaks for itself. We call our growing process “full profile” and extraction process “pure product”.

The History of Organic Marijuana

Technically organic is defined as “of, relating to, yielding, or involving the use of food produced with the use of feed or fertilizer of plant or animal origin without employment of chemically formulated fertilizers, growth stimulants, antibiotics, or pesticides”.   Initially much of the Marijuana grown in small batches in areas such as Northern California over the last few decades were outdoors and organic.  As things got bigger and its use more widespread bigger players got into growing and those practices were pushed aside in the name of bigger yields for more profits.  This abandonment of a more health conscious process has led to the use of synthetic pesticides, fungicides and herbicides.  Leaving the plant and the soil contaminated with them and ultimately the flowers too.  Add fire to the mix when you smoke and the compounds change again, some even coming out the other end as Hydrogen Cyanide.  Obviously this isn’t something we want to expose ourselves to, especially the medical community who are already vulnerable.

Organic Marijuana today

Now with the dawn of a new post prohibition industry on the rise for marijuana in North America the term “Organic Marijuana” has come into the spotlight once again.  Consumers are better informed now and have increasingly begun to question their sources for food and anything else they put into their bodies and Marijuana is no different.  The idea that you want to know what exactly you’re putting into your body when you consume marijuana is a prudent idea and we couldn’t agree more.  Consumers want the best organic marijuana and they should be able to get it without being gouged for it.

How to determine if organic marijuana is real

Organic Marijuana is kind of a grey area right now; you can’t just stick a USDA Organic label on a bag as federal governments will not allow it.  Marijuana is still illegal federally and as such no regulated federal official government body for organic products can inspect the farms and give certification.  So when you see someone touting their all organic buds (and there are quite a few) you should do a little research first because in most cases their claims are completely unfounded.  There are organizations that have begun to fill the gap that claim to follow the guidelines but without a legal regulatory body to conduct oversight you’ll have to just take their word for it.  So what can you do? For now, you have to find a grower you trust that’s open and transparent about their practices and what they put into their Marijuana.  At South Coast we don’t call our product organic because legally we can’t, but that doesn’t stop us from making sure we only use methods that are healthy, sustainable and undeniably effective.

The Full Profile Method breakdown and why it’s the best

Our Experience

With over 50+ years of Marijuana growing experience we know exactly what we’re doing and we love what we do.  Our knowledge of the needs of each strain and how to bring out their fullest potential is matched by no one in the industry.  Our unique location of the Sunshine Coast in British Columbia has a storied history of Marijuana growers with knowledge passed down by generation to generation.With that history comes a community that supports each other and shares its knowledge.  It’s not just a sustainable product we strive for but a sustainable community as well

Genetically Pure Strains

The credibility of brand name strains is an issue we take seriously, many strains claim to be original but with every hybridization the potency can suffer.At South Coast we get original strains that are genetically pure straight from the source traveling all over North America to get them.Strains such as the popular Gorilla Glue #4, Bruce Banner and our own custom strain Greasy Pink Bubba

The Perfect Grow Process

–          It starts with the Mothers: Grown from genetically pure strains with no growth hormones, our mothers start out with a natural defence of predatory mites eliminating any spider mite or thrip infections.

–          Full Cycle Time: full mature plants with fully developed buds, others will cut the cycle short to increase yield over the course of a year by getting in an extra cycle or two.  We don’t do that, our goal is to make the absolute best and you can’t do that without growing the plant to its fullest potential

–          Enhanced Lighting:Marijuana evolved under the sun and so we use Controlled Full Spectrum lighting with top of the line Gavita Light Emitting Plasma system.  The closest you get can to natural sunlight indoors.  Emitting both UVA and UVB light

–          Optimized Proprietary Nutrient Formula: With our decades long success in the industry we have developed our own perfectly tuned formula for optimal growth and flower production.

–          All potting soil is made in-house:  This gives us the control to insure that we know exactly what our plants are growing out of.  We use a special blend of organic matter and local Seachelt Sand to insure our plants a medium that both holds nutrients optimally and drains efficiently,  preventing root rot and mold.

–          A Pure Water Full Flush:  All of our plants are given a pure water flush for 2 weeks to remove unnecessary nutrients.   This removes excess nitrogen from the plant forcing it to concentrate all its energy into its flowers, producing extra resin to attract pollen.  Increasing Terpenes, THC, and CBD production and creating a superior product with smooth thick smoke.

–          Sterilized Fresh Airflow System:  Our top of the line system completely circulates the air in our facility every 60 seconds.  With filters to stop spores and insect incursions and UVA/B lights built in to sterilize anything else that gets through we have complete control over the environment we grow in, eliminating any need for Pesticides or fungicides.

–          Perfected Curing Process: After the Hand trimming, the buds are slow cooled and hang dried in a climate controlled sterile environment.  Insuring that the right moisture content and temperature is achieved gives our flowers burn clean white smoke that’s smooth and full of flavour.

Pure Product Extraction process

At South Coast we know that when it comes to oils they need to be safe and pure.  When you buy an extract you don’t want to be paying for filler or anything else.  Our products contain no fillers or additives; they’re pure essential marijuana oil.

Safer healthier oils:

Solvent extracts with butane or propane are not only dangerous to make because of the risk of explosion but can contain trace amounts of solvents left in the product.  Inhaling combustible gasses is not healthy especially over a repeated timeframe.  Some products call their products organic Marijuana while using this process, which in our eyes is a lie.  What’s the point of growing organically if you’re just going to pump it full of hydrocarbons to make the extract?  We make our extracts with a Supercritical CO2 extraction system that leaves no dangerous solvents leftover in the product. This method uses high pressure and cold temperatures to force CO2 gas into a liquid form which is then pushed through the marijuana to separate the oils.  After the oil is separated the pressure is dropped back to normal levels and the CO2 reverts back to a gas evaporating away.  Leaving just pure oil with no residual solvents creating a safe and healthy product.

Low environmental impact:

With no fossil fuel products like butane or propane Supercritical CO2 leaves a very low impact on the environment and is a sustainable reusable compound.  The push to wean humanity off of fossil fuels has come and every way we replace their use with a sustainable alternative helps get us there.

Is our growing process as healthy as organic?

In a word, yes. Every facet of our controlled growing process is as safe and as healthy as any organic product if not better.  With our complete lack of any use of herbicide, fungicide and pesticides we can guarantee that when you smoke our product all you are smoking in pure marijuana is its best form.  We use natural methods of control; from predator mites on our mother plants, beneficial fungus and bacteria in our soils and UVA/UVB lighting in our air filtration system to kill airborne bacterial and fungal spores.  Proper flushing insuring a clean product with as little carbon, Nitrogen and other nutrients left in the final product as possible.  Nothing goes into our plants that we wouldn’t want put into our own bodies.  Health is important to us, whether that be our health, our customer’s health or one day the world’s health.

Why organic marijuana is not as strong

Although organic marijuana is touted as the “natural” way to grow and therefore must be better that isn’t exactly true.  There are a number of ways to grow organically and they do work but if you’re after the best product you need to get into the science of chemistry.  Marijuana plants require a combination of Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium (NPK) to grow, those 3 chemicals are essential to the process of making THC.   Now there’s been a lot of discussion about how chemicals are bad but not a lot of data to back that up.  The word chemical has become demonised lately when the word itself just means that a substance has been extracted into its purist form.  Depending on how that’s done and what molecule is being purified has a lot to do with whether is good or not.  Take nitrogen for example, organic fertilizers use animal waste products such as manure to obtain it.  The organic process requires that the manure gets broken down by micro-organisms in order to be absorbed by the plant.  This is time consuming, taking up to half a year before it’s ready and also unreliable as you can’t control how much NPK is released and at what time of the cycle. This is critical during the flowering phase that requires an increase of Phosphorus to properly form buds.

A chemical fertilizer gets Nitrogen from the air around us and is in a form that is ready immediately for the plants consumption.  This ready availability of nutrients is what makes them superior.  Growers can add exactly what the plants need in the right phase of growth to maximize the production of THC and other compounds such as Terpenes.  The end result is a product that’s higher in THC and it’s consistent every time.  South Coast has a unique optimized nutrient formula we developed ourselves that produces a superior product on a consistent basis so you know that you’re getting the best every time.

Your best choice

With our knowledge, sustainability, health focused practices, and commitment to quality you know South Coast is uniquely situated to offer the best Marijuana on the market.

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