Where to Find th BEST Organic Weed Canada?

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The easiest way to answer this question “Where to find the best organic weed Canada?” is NOWHERE! Organic Weed does not exist but let us tell you what does exist, the best ALL-NATURAL weed in the world.

Welcome to your happy place. The best marijuana in Canada is finally available to the masses and you are only of the first lucky people to be able to order it. Whether you live in the mountains of British Columbia or the plains of Alberta, or even on the beautiful East Coast, South Coast flowers and extracts are here to serve you.

Let’s first give you a background on the wonderful medicinal and recreational powers of great all-natural weed.

Here is a list of the wonderful things that our weed can do:

1. High quality CBD oil – a natural medicine for all.

CBD is a derivative of the cannabis plant and has a wide array of medicinal uses including but not limited to pain relief, anti-inflammation, and reduction of muscle spasms. The higher quality the foundation plant is, the higher quality CBD you are getting. Stick to organic.

2. Create the most potent and pungent cannabis strains

Here is a list of the top five strains we grow at South Coast that are some of the highest quality flowers in the world:
1. Bruce Banner (a Sativa hybrid) – this cross of OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel is perfect for daytime use… that is, if it is a real Bruce Banner. Whether you are doing chores at home, running errands, or deep into your passionate hobby, functioning is easy.

2.Sour Diesel – Sour D boasts the ability to not only elevate your mood but is also a god-send for pain and depression relief.
3. Greasy Pink Bubba – this one is our favourite and our bread and butter. Be prepared for a beautiful relaxation and heavy stone. After one joint you will be FEELING it. This is the perfect head stone.

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