The dawn of the new age of Cannabis Online Delivery

The way we purchase cannabis has changed, gone are the days looking for that friend with a “hook up” or meeting some stranger in a parking lot you met on craigslist. With cannabis becoming legal in some states and approved for medical use in Canada along with about half of the US, people are looking to dispensaries in their city or online. Cannabis online delivery is quickly becoming a preferred method of purchasing for medical or recreational use. It’s convenient, quick, discreet and above all, safe. Now if you’ve gotten this far into your research then it’s pretty safe to say you’re looking for a site you can trust and trust isn’t easy to find online. At South Coast we understand that and we aim to be as honest and as transparent about our practices as possible.

Full SSL Website Encryption

When it comes to Cannabis Online Delivery this is a must for any online website that you put any personal information into these days. With our website every page you visit whether it’s just browsing or checking out your order every bit of data sent back and forth from your device to the website is fully encrypted. So if anyone or program looking at the data that’s being transmitted along the way will just see a jumble of characters that makes no sense. The only way to see the data is to have the key which only your device and our server will have, essentially making the data completely useless to anyone else. These days if you don’t see the website address starting with “HTTPS://” in the address bar we advise not using the website, especially if it is a Cannabis related website.

Secure data management

All data stored on our end is managed with the use of Sophos software and hardware. Sophos is regarded as the premier provider of secure data system with 100’s business clients such as Toshiba, Xerox and Pixar. Protecting against data breaches and keeping data secure and private is of the utmost importance to us.

Discreet Shipping

All the data security in the word doesn’t mean much if the package arrives at your door with a big Marijuana leaf on it. Cannabis online delivery needs to be discreet and safe, not just for the packages themselves but for the client receiving them. At South Coast we double vacuum seal all packages keeping the product from causing unwanted attention as well as keeping it fresh. On top of the vacuum sealed bags the parcels are put into generic looking boxes that are labeled as natural health products so you can pick up your packages from your local post office with no questions or odd looks from the clerk.

Now you know about how import your privacy is to us and the steps we take to keep it secure, let’s look into why our Cannabis products are some of the best on the market.

The Full Profile Method

Full Profile means covering every aspect of the growing process; this is our phrase for how we do it. From the soil, air, light, water and food we give our plants to the care we give them to make sure they grow healthy and safe for consumption to right up until it’s packaged for delivery.

Knowledge and experience:

Our team of professional Cannabis growers has over 50+ years of experience perfecting their craft. Methods that contain the knowledge passed down generation to generation on growing safely and organically merged with the latest natural science to get the highest potency possible without compromising the health of the consumer.

True strains right from the source:

All the best growing practices in the world don’t matter for Cannabis if you’re growing genetically inferior strains; we travel all over North America to get our genetic material for our Mothers right from the source. So when you see a popular strain such as Gorilla Glue #4 from us you know it’s real and not some hybrid that looks similar.

In-house custom soil production:

Healthy living soil is essential to the Full Profile Method. We make our own customised soil blend right in our facility using locally sourced organic material. The material is heat pasteurised before being mixed with beneficial bacteria and mycorrhizal fungi to create the perfect living growing medium for our plants to thrive.

Organic pest control:

One of the most important things the resurgence in Organic farming has taught us to do is to examine the chemical compounds we use to control pests. Pesticides and fungicides are toxic and unnecessary especially with today’s methods available. We understand this and only use organic natural methods of pest control. Our Mother plants are seeded with predator mites from a young age so that we do not have any Spider Mite, Thrip or other insect infestations. All airflow into our facilities are filtered and then sterilized with UV light making our growing rooms controlled healthy ecosystems that sustain themselves without the use of chemical pesticides or fungicides.

Top of the line artificial sunlight:

We use top of the line Gravita Full Spectrum Plasma grow lights to insure our plants get the full amount of energy they need. These lights emit both UVA and UVB light which further help control any fungal spores that make their way into the facility

Customized proprietary nutrient formulas:

With our extensive experience growing cannabis over the last couple decades we have perfected our own custom fertilizers. Each one is tailored to give the plants the right amount of nutrients at the right stage of growth, ensuring our plants grow big and healthy.

Full growth cycles:

Big commercial growers will sometimes cut the growing stage (referred to as the vegetative state) short in order to get in an extra crop or two over the year. Proper full growth cycles that allow the plants to mature fully before entering the flowering stage not only increases yield but also makes a more potent end product. Our goal is to make the highest quality product out there, a product that will blow you away and make you run and tell your friends about it. Yield comes second to potency and purity and we reflect this in the Full Profile Method.

Pre harvest pure water flush:

Flushing the nutrients and fertilizers out of the plants prior to harvest has a twofold benefit. First it removes any unused nutrients out of the plant which improves the taste and quality of the smoke produced when consuming cannabis. Second the lack of nitrogen in the plant triggers a survival response in the plant making it concentrate all its energy into the flowers to increase resin production. The extra resin is an attempt by the plant to increase its chances of attracting pollen for fertilization. As an added bonus the extra resin is full of Cannabinoid compounds such as THC and Terpenes.

Hang drying and curing

Once the harvest has been completed our flowers are hung in a climate controlled sealed room to dry, this low temperature dry hang for an extended time period minimizes Terpene evaporation preserving the natural flavour of the cannabis plant . Airflow into the room is filtered and sterilized while being slowly pushed through the room with the humidity and temperature set just right. Once enough moisture has been removed from the flowers the curing process begins. With settings for humidity and temperature that are a closely guarded secret our buds go through the final stages of THC production to create the most potent and pure product out on the market today.

Secure and safe

Hopefully that addresses any concerns about Cannabis Online Delivery and the safety of our services and products. We lay it all out there so there is no confusion and you know you are dealing with a professional secure provider for your Cannabis needs.

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