Look no further! Certified Organic Weed is Fake!

This is what makes South Coast cannabis way better than what people are calling “Certified Organic Weed”. But first a fun fact: there is no such thing as certified organic weed because as a federally illegal substance, cannabis cannot be governed by a federal organization like the USDA.

1. Award Winning Genetics

When we first entered the marijuana business, our entire team and extended group of advisors knew the quality of our cannabis would set us apart from other dispensaries across the globe.

It starts with the mothers. We use the healthiest mother plants to lay a strong and healthy foundation. This is then followed up by using healthy and organic cuttings for planting, optimal conditions for growing, and the best (and tender) care for progressive growth.

2. We Are Masters of our Strains

a) We focus on what we know and we perfect it with each grow.

b) We do not spread ourselves too thin trying to grow too many flowers.

c) We focus on 10 strains and for the past 50+ years we have laboured and reiterated our growing process so as to perfect those strains in order to ensure that you get to smoke the best weed in the world.

3. Our Curing Techniques are Next to None

We can’t give away too much information on this one because it has taken thousands of trial and error scenarios, BUT what we can ensure is that you will receive a restored plant full-profile making our end product (both dry flower and extracts) clean, smooth, and pure. A guaranteed thick smoke with white ash… a true marijuana enthusiasts dream.

4. Our Process is the Best

We use no pesticides and no fungicides. We grow this way for a reason and that reason is to benefit your health, our health, Canada’s health, and hopefully the rest of the world once we can expand globally. The truth is that we do not label our cannabis as “organic” because organic bud is actually not the best due to the chlorophyl levels that harm the quality of the smoke. If the plant is not flushed properly, the smoke is compromised.

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