How to buy organic Weed online

Whether a first time user, a medical patient or just someone who wants the convenience of getting weed delivered to your door, you’ve decided give buying weed online a shot. For some of you it’s a big step and there are a lot of questions. Well we’re here to make that a lot easier for you by giving you all the information you need to make an educated decision. The logical first step would find a site where you can buy organic Weed online but not just any site will do. First and foremost you need to find someone you can trust that’s safe and healthy. Easier said than done right? In this article we’ll make the case for why South Coast is the best choice you can make when buying weed online.

The state of Organic Weed in North America

The fact is that it’s a little early to be calling any Marijuana products organic at this stage. Weed is still illegal on a federal level in both Canada and the United States which means you can’t get proper USDA (or CFIA in Canada) organic certification. So it’s extremely difficult to determine if a Marijuana product is actually organic, let alone safe. On top of all that, with no regulation there are no real consequences for making false claims. So if you want to buy organic weed online what do you do? Well for starters if a site is claiming their Weed is organic it’s probably not. Here at South Coast we don’t label our Weed products as organic because we can’t, and until a regulated federal government organization is able to give us that certification we won’t. Honesty is something we value and we’d rather be up front about it than deceive consumers. That being said we have a process we call “Full Profile” growing and we’d like to tell you why it’s better than organic as it produces a safe, healthy and superior product. Here’s how we do it:

The Full Profile Method

So what do we mean by full profile? What does it entail? Well it’s full because it covers everything, from where we get our Mothers, to the first clones planted, to right up to the point when it’s shipped. We meticulously control every aspect of the process to make sure everything is perfect, safe and outright superior to anything out there. The effort and care we put in makes all the difference and once you try our weed we’re sure you’ll agree it’s some of the best stuff out there.


Our experience in the industry is matched by next to none. Nestled in the pristine coastal region of Sunshine Coast British Columbia we’re part of a community of cannabis growers that work together to share knowledge for the betterment of the entire community. With over 50+ years of combined experience between our growers we are masters of our craft.


To grow the best weed you need to start with the best strains, that’s why we travel all over North America to acquire the best genetic material from authentic sources. We don’t fool around trying to imitate classic strains through more hybridization, so when you see popular strains like Bruce Banner and Gorilla Glue #4 on our site you know it’s the real thing. But we don’t stop there using our expansive knowledge of the craft we have created our own soon to be classic strain called Greasy Pink Bubba. Don’t believe us? Just check out our reviews online and try it for yourself

Custom Soil mixes:

The right soil mix is paramount to the success of a crop. As we’ve stated before Full Profile takes into account every aspect of the growing process and soil is no different. We have created our own customized soil mix so we know exactly what is contained within. With locally sourced organic material seeded with beneficial bacteria and mycorrhizal fungi our soils have everything they need to maximize the growing potential of our plants.

A health focused approach

With more and more accepted medical uses being found for weed all the time one thing that should never be used when growing is chemical pesticides, fungicides and herbicides. These compounds cause health complications not just for the consumer but also for our staff working in our facilities. That’s why we never use any of them. All our methods of pest controls are natural and safe. Predator mites keep our Mothers spider mite and thrip free. Beneficial microbes in the soil prevent root rot and mold growths along with other infections. Air filters on all vents with added UV light sterilization prevent insects and fungal spores from entering the facility.

High Quality full spectrum lighting

Sunlight is key to the process of photosynthesis which is how plants get their food. Natural sunlight isn’t possible indoors but you can use the next best thing, Full Spectrum lighting. We use Gavita Plasma Lights that provide the full spectrum light with both UVA and UVB light to give Cannabis plants all the energy they need to grow

Customized Nutrient Formulas

We have created our own proprietary nutrient formulas that we have perfected over the last 3 decades to insure the perfect amounts of food are readily available to our plants exactly when they need it. This is especially important during the flowering phase of growth when much of the key Cannabinoid compounds are formed in the buds. It’s so key to our growing process that it’s one of our closely guarded secrets.

Full growth cycles with no cut corners

Proper full growth cycles that allow the plants to mature fully before entering the flowering stage not only increases yield but also makes a more potent end product. Big commercial growers will sometimes cut the growing stage (referred to as the vegetative state) short in order to get in an extra crop or two over the year. We don’t do this because we want to create the best weed on the market and that means doing everything right.

Pure water flush

Flushing is a process where a couple of week prior to harvest you stop feeding the plants and switch to pure water. This cleans out any excess nutrients while triggering the plant to go into an end of life stage. The plant will then concentrate all its energy into the flowers to boost resin production in the hopes of catching pollen to make seeds. The increase in resin production contains cannabinoids such as THC and CBD. Creating a final product that burns clean with a smooth white smoke.

The perfect Cure

After the harvest and before the curing process the flowers need to be dried. This is one of the most important parts of the Full Profile growing process as this can make or break your product. If it’s too dry and too quick and you will stop the biosynthesis processes that increase cannabinoid production, Terpenes will evaporate, and sugars will remain unprocessed. These sugars left in the flowers are what gives the bud that harsh throat burning sensation.
Our flowers are given a long hang dry in a cool climate controlled sealed room. With air that is filtered and sterilized, it’s slowly pushed through the room with the humidity and temperature set just right. After the dry the buds are removed from the branches and set to cure. We have spent decades fine tuning and perfecting this process and it’s such an important step that the exact settings are closely guarded secret.

Is our method as safe and healthy as organic weed?

Taking what we’ve learned from organic growers and combining it with a scientific approach to safely maximizing the potential of the plants we have created a process that’s just as safe and healthy if not more so. Without any herbicide, fungicide and pesticides our natural methods of pest controls are both sustainable and environmentally friendly. Nothing goes into our plants that we wouldn’t want put into our own bodies and with a proper flush nothing is left in the plants flowers that doesn’t need to be there. Weed is a medicine and health is important to us personally as well for the continued growth and sustainability of our company as a whole.

Why Full Profile growing produces stronger Weed than Organic

Controlling what nutrients and how much of them are readily available to the plant at the proper stages of growth is key to maximizing Cannabinoid production. This is something that the purist organic method just can’t compete with. Organic fertilizers don’t have the same level of precision control of nutrient availability our custom nutrient formula has. With organic sources such as bone meal or manure, the nutrients are locked up in compounds that are not readily available for plant uptake. Instead they rely on microbes to break these compounds down to a state that’s ready for uptake. Relying on microbes to do this naturally as organic fertilizers do releases the nutrients inconsistently, sometimes producing a great product but sometimes not. Our in depth knowledge of the process along with our proprietary nutrient formula removes the guesswork and ensures the best possible outcome on a consistent basis.

So with all that should you buy organic weed online?

Right now, for where the industry is at that’s a gamble. Given the state of certification and legal status it’s pretty deceitful to label your product as certified organic with nothing to back you up that’s regulated. If growers are using that label they very well may be following the right practices to earn that label but do your research before you buy. In this industry coming out of the shadow of the black market, transparency is new but it’s the right way forward and we want to be as clear and as honest as possible. Trust is a valuable commodity one we don’t intend to squander.

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