Vape Battery

If you are buying South Coast cartridges please only use this battery. We spent months working with the right manufacturer.

When using our cartridges please only use our Vape Battery. If the cartridge does not work with a different vape battery, there will be no returns or exchanges.This includes the Lindsay, Rockstar, Shiva, White Fire OG, Greasy Pink Bubba, Green Crack, and Girl Scout Cookies, Blueberry AK, and Grape Kush God cartridgesThe Custom Variable Heating Temperatures on the South Coast Variable Cannabis Vape:(Adjust the setting on the movable bottom)3.3v – used if you would like to optimize the taste.3.8v – used if you would like to optimize taste with a little harder hit.4.3v – used if you would like to get an even harder hit.4.8v – used for optimal hits and taste.Each pen comes with its very own charger. To turn it on you click the button 5 times quickly and to turn it off click the button 5 times quickly again. Hold down the button while you inhale.When portable vaporizers first came to market, we were less concerned with its function and features, and more enthralled by the fact that there was a new way to get high on the go but now because there are so many options in the market, it is time to really focus on the functions and features. The South Coast Variable Cannabis Vape is guaranteed to give you the best experience possible.


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