What are Rosin Dabs the latest extract on the market

So you want to know about Rosin Dabs but not sure where to start? First you need to know that literally anyone can make it with as little as a few grams of flowers and a hair straightener. No messy and dangerous solvents, no crazy contraptions of steel tubes and pressure chambers. Just heat and pressure is all it takes to make them but to make top shelf product it’s not that simple. I’m here to tell you the why and how South Coast makes the best Extracts. But first a little background info on the topic.

What is Rosin?

Rosin gets its name from the substance rubbed onto the bow of stringed instruments, a resin like compound used to increase friction on the strings and therefore better sound. It’s a solventless extraction process that combines high pressure and heat to nearly instantaneously squeeze resinous oils from your initial starting material. This newly emerging process is catching on fast due to its ease of use, purity and vastly improved safety when running an extraction cycle.

Solvent Extraction

Solvent extractions use a fossil fuel product like butane to pull the cannabis oils out of the starting material. Once this has completed you end up with a mix of hash oil and basically gasoline like product. Most of it will evaporate away but a purging process is still needed to further refine it. Some extraction artists will purge multiple times to be absolutely sure there are no solvents left but inevitably small traces will be left. These traces of Butane will persist in the hash until it’s smoked or vaped, making its way into your lungs and blood. That can’t be good for your health. On top of all that all these steps take time and dealing with a gasoline like liquid is dangerous, improper storage or handling of the product can have deadly effects.

Why Rosin is better

It comes down to simplicity, less compounds going into the process, nothing to remove afterwards leaves you with a simple pure product. All methods of extraction out there produce viable product but Rosin is better because unlike Butane or propane extractions it has no harmful solvents made of fossil fuels. During a BHO extraction the product has to go through several purges to remove the solvent, this takes time and ultimately that will make for a more expensive product for you. Rosin Dabs are better for your health (who wants to smoke gas anyways? Yuck) and better for the environment too (no need to add to the carbon footprint of the product). It also tops Super Critical CO2 extractions as it better preserves the Terpenes and other trace compounds found in the plants which are the key to the flavour of Cannabis Extracts.

What to consider when buying

If you’re going to buy Rosin Dabs online there are a few things to consider before making your choice. Quality is definitely top on the list and we’ll get to that in a moment but there are others and given the nature of the industry right now security should also be at the top of your list. It’s still federally illegal to purchase cannabis products for recreational uses so choosing a site that’s secure is key. Data encryption is absolutely necessary so don’t type anything into a site that doesn’t start with httpS:// at the start of its web address, that’s a no brainer. Data security is also very important so make sure your choice is transparent on the steps they take to secure your data. South Coast uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption ensuring no third parties can view any data you send back and forth from our website. We also use Sophos data security software are hardware to product against data theft and incursions. It’s in our and your best interest to keep your data safe, secure and most importantly private.

Quality cannabis makes quality Rosin

Now you know what Rosin Dabs are and why it’s the best extraction method out there but how do you get the best? You can use the best press in the world but if your starting material isn’t any good you’re still going to get a subpar extract. South Coast has some of the best Cannabis on the planet right now and it comes down to our perfected growing process, a process we call Full Profile.
So what do you mean by Full Profile? Well it comes from the way we take every step of the process to its fullest potential. From where we get our genetic material for our Mothers to the perfected growing conditions we have mastered right up to when we do the final press and package it up for shipping.

It starts with the soil

We don’t leave anything up for chance and we need to be sure everything we do and use to grow the best cannabis is in our control. We don’t buy soil from any third party we make our own from locally sourced organic material. We pasteurise the soil to kill off any viruses and harmful bacteria/fungus and then reseed the soil with a custom blend of beneficial bacteria and mycorrhizal fungi. This creates a living soil that forms a symbiotic relationship with the plants to help them grow and protect them from organisms that are harmful.

Authentic Strains

To get the best Cannabis you need to start with the best genetics. We travel all over the continent to obtain authentic cannabis strains like the popular Gorilla Glue and Bruce Banner right from the source. We don’t use seeds ordered off the internet, we go and collect live genetic material right off a proven mother to be sure it’s the real deal.

Decades of Cannabis knowledge

Our team of growers have over 50 years of cannabis growing experience and among their peers are considered masters of their craft. Additionally we’re located in the Sunshine Coast of BC an area that has a long history of growing cannabis; we are part of a community of growers that pool our knowledge of growing to the betterment of our community.

Customized proprietary Nutrient Formulas

Cannabis plants need food and they need a specific mix of it at different stages of their growth. With our long history of growing cannabis we have had the time to develop and perfect own of formulas specifically for Cannabis growth maximization.

Natural Pest Control

Cannabis is a medicine and pesticides, fungicides and hormones have no place in the growing process. We use none of those and instead opt for more natural methods of pest control. Spider mites and thirp infections are a huge concern for our indoor operations so we’ve taken a page out of Mother Nature’s book and use their natural predators against them. Predator mites are given to our Mother plants right from the start to insure there are no infections. Additional our facilities have all airflow entering the building filtered and then sterilized by UV light. Airborne insects and fungal spores are killed before they can enter and cause a problem.

Full Flush for a cleaner flower

Flushing the plants with pure water for 2 weeks before harvest has a twofold benefit for Cannabis. First it flushes out excess nutrients like nitrogen and carbon to give a cleaner, smoother smoker. Second the leeching of nitrogen tricks the plant into producing more resin to capture pollen. This extra resin production is full of THC and Terpene compounds improving the potency and flavour of the flowers.

The perfect Cure

One of our most closely guarded secrets is the exact settings for our curing process. I can’t go into very much detail on this one but we have a special climate controlled room with sterile filtered air to make sure the final stage of THC production is completed fully. As the still living plant breaks down sugars and other compounds, this not only increases potency but the breakdown of the sugars creates a smoother smoke with cough inducing harshness.

It’s more than a hot press

Yes technically anyone can make Rosin Dabs with a hair straightener but do you think it’ll be any good? There’s another step that’s key to making the best Dabs and it has nothing to do with heat or pressure. First off the state of the cannabis prior to pressing is important and having it fresh out of a climate controlled room makes sure it’s got the right moisture content. Prepping the cannabis prior to pressing is an extra step that makes all the difference. We put it through a Pollinator machine to extract the glands from any of the fibrous material which improves the purity. It then goes into our customized press at just the right temperature insuring it’s not too hot and doesn’t evaporate the Terpenes which can happen easily. What comes out it is the purist most incredibly flavourful extract you’ve ever tried.

Making your choice to buy Rosin Dabs online

So there you have it, everything you need to consider from safety to quality and back again. Buying Rosin dabs online or any cannabis product should always be secure, safe and at a level of quality that makes it worth your money. South Coast’s mission is to be the best Cannabis producer in the world and we will do whatever it takes to make sure we have the absolute best product out there. We think you’ll agree once you try it out for yourself.

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