Organic Cannabis extracts, what you need to know.

The Cannabis Extracts market is growing, new categories of product and ways to consume them are emerging. With that growth comes a higher level of quality and a desire for a healthier, safer product. So naturally the focus is on Organic Cannabis Extracts. The term comes with a lot of weight and expectation like environmentally friendly practices and sustainable techniques. However big business is using the key phrase “Organic Cannabis” distinguish their product from their competition, with no regard to adhering to organic principles and we have no governing body to regulate it. The truth is, as an experienced grower you also understand that growing organic Cannabis is not as simple as growing an apple if you want the best possible product. Our process at south coast is just as healthy as organic but the end product is so superior it’s without question. The South Coast collective has mastered the art of making organic Cannabis extracts and taken it one step further, we’ve been at it for decades and the product speaks for itself. We call our growing process “full profile” and extraction process “pure product”.

To get the best extract you need to start with the best Cannabis. Here’s how we make sure we only use the best cannabis that’s sustainably farmed

The Growers

–       50+ years of Cannabis growing experience gives us the knowledge to know exactly what we’re doing and we love what we do. Our in depth knowledge of the needs of each strain and how to bring out their fullest potential is second to no one in the industry

–       A committed community that supports each other and pools its knowledge. We’re not the only growers here and maintaining a helpful and positive community is part of who we are. Sustainable and environmentally friendly growing practices carry over into our community to make things better for all

–       Located in the pristine environment of the Sunshine Coast in British Columbia has a history of Cannabis growers that goes back to the 60’s with knowledge carried down by generation to generation.

Real Strains you can trust

With so many growers out there and so many different names for strains how can you be sure that Kush is the real Kush?
We’re serious about quality and authenticity, that’s why go all over the world to get our strains right from the source. Insuring our mothers are genetically identical to the popular strains such as Gorilla Glue and Bruce Banner
We don’t just bring in the best strains we’re masters of making our own. Our Greasy Pink Bubba strain is getting rave reviews, don’t believe us? Take a look and try it for yourself.

Cannabis growing perfection

–       It starts with the perfect soil mix. With in-house production of our growing medium allows us to insure that we know exactly what into our soil and by that into our plants. We use a custom blend of organic matter, beneficial bacteria, microbes, and mycorrhizae fungus to optimize root health and soil culture and nutrient uptake.

–       Pure healthy Mothers: Authentic genetic strains grown without the use of pesticides, growth hormones, fungicides or herbicides, our mothers start out with a natural defence of predatory mites eliminating any spider mite or thrip infections.

–       Top of the line full spectrum lighting: You can’t have natural sunlight indoors but we have the next best thing, Gravita Full Spectrum lighting with UVA and UVB. With the balanced full spectrum of light we make sure that our plants grow to their fullest potential by making sure they have all the solar energy they need.

–      Our custom optimized Nutrient Formula. Our long history of growing Cannabis has allowed us to perfect our own proprietary nutrient formula. We’ve sent years fine tuning it to get it to the point of perfection.

–       Full Growth Cycles: With some growers cutting their cycles artificially short to get another batch or two in over the year, we’ve decided to take the opposite approach. A full natural cycle makes sure our plants grow to full to full maturity

–        A Full Pure Water Flush. All of our plants are given a pure water flush for 2 weeks to remove unnecessary nutrients. This removes excess nitrogen from the plant forcing it to concentrate all its energy into its flowers, producing extra resin to attract pollen. Increasing Terpenes, THC, and CBD production and creating a superior product with smooth thick white smoke.

–       Purified Airflow: Our top of the line system completely circulates the air in our facility every 60 seconds. With filters to stop spores and insect incursions and UVA/B lights built in to sterilize anything else that gets through we have complete control over the environment we grow in, eliminating any need for Pesticides or fungicides.

–     The cure: After the Hand trimming, the buds are put into a long hang dry in a climate controlled sterile environment. Insuring that the right moisture content and temperature is achieved giving our flowers a clean white smoke that’s smooth and full of flavour.

Pure Product Extraction process

The best extracts are pure, no fillers like Vegetable Glycerin or Propylene Glycol added. Why pay for something you don’t need or want? Most other brands with dilute the extract with these fillers to change the color so it looks lighter and more golden, they also say it smokes better but it doesn’t. This is an unnecessary process that we feel is deceitful to consumers. All our extracts are visibly darker in colour so you know nothing was added. Only pure Cannabis extract goes into our products.

Solvent extracts with butane or propane are not only dangerous to make because of the risk of explosion but can contain trace amounts of solvents left in the product. Inhaling combustible gasses is not healthy especially over a repeated timeframe. And let’s be honest here, you can’t call your product an organic cannabis extract if you’re pumping it full of butane. We make our extracts with a Supercritical CO2 extraction system that leaves no dangerous solvents leftover in the product. This method uses high pressure and cold temperatures to force CO2 gas into a liquid form which is then pushed through the cannabis to separate the oils. After the oil is separated the pressure is dropped back to normal levels and the CO2 reverts back to a gas evaporating away. Leaving just pure oil with no residual solvents creating a safe and healthy product.

A Low environmental impact: With no fossil fuel products like butane or propane Supercritical CO2 leaves a very low impact on the environment and is a sustainable reusable compound. The push to wean humanity off of fossil fuels has come and any way we can replace their use with a sustainable alternative helps get us there.

Organic Cannabis Extracts vs Pure Product Extraction

Now you know the steps we have taken to make our product safe and clean but not only that, we have taken it beyond organic by combining safely controlled organic growing practices with an optimized process that produces a superior product. The puritan organic process is a good place to start but it doesn’t get the best possible product and that’s what South Coast’s Pure Product Extraction method does, it’s better than organic cannabis extracts.

Now for the juicy part, these are our top 3 favourite Pure Product cannabis extracts:


A pure CO2 extracted product with no solvents or fillers. This custom strain is a beautiful relaxation and heavy stone. Just a few puffs on this pen and the effects will be very apparent. Recommended for evenings before bed.

This unique Indica strain is a mix of Bubba Kush and Pink Kush that must be tried by all Cannabis connoisseurs. As a boutique strain it’s grown in small batches to ensure quality so once we sell out we have to wait a few months for a new cycle to complete


Made from imported mothers to insure pure genetic heritage, this Sativa extract is your key to daytime creativity, focus and energy. Great for morning use to promote appetite or to help with cachexia, tension symptoms, this pure healthy extract has what you need to give your day a boost.


The Lindsay strain is an Indica dominant OG Kush strain that gets its name from the town of Lindsay in Ontario, Canada. Expertly perfected over the years this strain entered the Karma Cup in 2015 and won best Indica strain in Canada.
This is Medical grade cannabis at its finest. It’s crafted with care using the Super Critical CO2 extraction process to create the purist form of extract possible. At 97% this dab doesn’t mess around and packs quite a punch. You better be sitting down when you hit this.

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