Why you should choose a Weed Vape Pen

There are many ways to consume or smoke weed out there now and many more yet to come, there are new ways popping up all the time. From dabs on a dab rig to just smoking flowers in a joint but the most convenient and discreet way is the weed vape pen. No need for a lighter and fits in your pocket without making a mess, a weed vape pen is ready to go whenever you need it. You can get them in a number of flavours or if you prefer it you can get them pure and taste the natural flavour of your favourite strain. It’s the ideal way to indulge in the many benefits of Cannabis for someone who doesn’t want to draw any unwanted attention or looks from passers-by. There are literally tonnes of vendors and options out there when looking for a vape pen, so we’re going to give you the run down on what you need to know before you make your choice.

What is a Weed Vape Pen?

So you may have seen other vape pens out there for tobacco and a weed vape pen operates on a similar system. There’s a battery that powers the coil which is the part that heats up the liquid, a reservoir to hold the liquid and a mouth piece to draw from. Some have a button to begin the heating process others are activated automatically when you take a draw from it. The key difference between the vaping process and smoking weed is that a vape pen doesn’t light the material on fire, there’s no smoke. Instead it heats the liquid to a point where it goes airborne in tiny little droplets. This lack of combustion has a few benefits, first it’s not smoke so it’s easier on your lungs and probably healthier for long term use, and second it’s safer because there’s no threat of starting a fire. As soon as you let go of the button or stop pulling a drag (on single use variants) it shuts down.

The Extraction Method Matters

In order to get the weed from a flower or bud state to a vapeable liquid it has to go through an extraction process. Typically this requires it to be put into a machine at high pressure and mixed with a solvent. Solvents can come in a number of forms such as propane, butane or alcohol. The most common of these being butane or BHO (Butane Hash Oil) extraction. Butane as you might be familiar with is a flammable gas used in some lighters, it’s also called a Hydrocarbon. It’s made from fossil fuels and it’s not exactly healthy or safe. That being said typical BHO extraction methods use a technique called purging after the extraction to remove as much of the solvent from the end product as possible. They don’t always get it all out though and some can be left in the final product which when vaped will make its way into your lungs. Not the most healthy way to vape weed and basically negates the whole no smoke is healthier idea for vaping.

The Super Critical CO2 Extraction Method

Here at South Coast we never use any solvents like Butane or Propane we only use the Super Critical CO2 extraction method for our weed vape pens. It’s not only safer for health reasons but it comes with the added bonus for us as there’s no risk of a gas explosion in our facilities. CO2 extractions are achieved by cooling and compressing carbon dioxide gas down to a liquid state then pushing it through the cannabis material to extract the oils from the plant. Once extraction is completed the oil is then brought back to room temperature and normal pressure which then turns the CO2 back into a gas and it just evaporates away leaving only pure cannabis essential oil. You’ll notice when you see the oil in our pens that it’s darker and thicker than most other pens, that’s because we don’t use any fillers like Propylene glycol or vegtable glycerin to thin out the oil.

The Cannabis makes the difference

Anyone with access to the right machinery can make a CO2 extraction, just pop in some weed and follow the instructions but that doesn’t make a good weed vape pen. The Cannabis you start with makes all the difference. We have some of the best weed on the planet and I know that’s a big claim but once I tell you all the care, effort and experience we have, you’ll know that we’re not lying.

Decades of Experience

Ever since a couple of years ago the cannabis growing industry has exploded, there are growers everywhere now. All these new growers are trying their hand in these huge warehouses and greenhouses all over Canada and some of them probably have some experience but most don’t know cannabis like we do. We’ve been at this for decades, way before there was a hint of legalization in the air. Our growers have over 50+ years of combined experience between them and in that time they have mastered their craft.

Great Cannabis Requires the best Genetics

All the equipment, experience, and science won’t do you any good if you don’t have the right strains. We travel all over North America to go and hunt down the best and bring back live genetic material to start our Mother plants. We don’t use just any weed in our extractions we only use quality proven strains such as Bruce Banner, Gorilla Glue and Red Congalese. We have even made our own strain that will knock your socks off that we call Greasy Pink Bubba.

Sustainable and Healthy Growing Practices

We value health and strive to make the most healthy cannabis product out there. That’s why we don’t use any chemical pesticides, fungicides or growth hormones. We grow our cannabis the natural way with natural pest controls like predator mites to control Thirps and Spider Mites. Filtered and sterilized air intake vents with UV light to kill airborne spores and insects.

Local Natural Soil

Being located in the pristine location of the Sunshine Coast, British Columbia we use that to our advantage. We make our own soils in house using locally sourced organic material which is then heat pasteurised to kill harmful viruses and fungus and then reseeded with healthy symbiotic microbes such as mycorrhizal fungi.

Full Growth Cycles and a Full Flush

These are two key processes to growing the best Cannabis that not everyone out there is doing right now, especially these massive new commercial growers. If you’re going for quality and not quantity like we do then having your plants get to full maturity before you start the flowering stage just makes sense. Other growers may cut the growing stage short to getting another crop or two in over the year but we don’t do that. We also believe that in order to get a clean and safe product you have to flush your plants with pure water for at least two weeks. This flushing has a twofold benefit of leeching out leftover nutrients like carbon and nitrogen which makes the smoke/vapour smoother and also it triggers the plant to ramp up resin production right before harvest. This resin production is a last ditch effort by the plant to capture pollen to make seeds and is packed full of all the good stuff like THC and flavonoids such as Terpenes.

The Perfect Curing Process

You don’t just dry buds after you harvest and trim them, you have to let them cure for the right amount of time at the right settings to get the most out of them. An improper cure will dry your buds out and you will lose THC potency and flavour compounds such as Terpenes or if they’re too moist they rot and get mouldy. We have a specialized climate controlled sterilized curing room where we set the humidity and temperature just right to allow the buds to convert sugars other non-psychoactive compounds into THC. The breakdown of sugars also has an added effect of creating a smoother less harsh smoke making the flushing even more important

The Best Weed Vape Pens

So there you have it, we combine the best practices of natural organic farming with a tailored scientific approach to Cannabis growing that produces a superior product. When then use that amazing cannabis in the Super Critical CO2 extraction process to produce the best weed vape pen out there on the market right now.


Now that you know we’re the best here our favourite 3 Weed Vape pens you just have to try:



A pure CO2 extracted product with no solvents or fillers. This custom strain is a beautiful relaxation and heavy stone. Just a few puffs on this pen and the effects will be very apparent. Recommended for evenings before bed.
This unique Indica strain is a mix of Bubba Kush and Pink Kush that must be tried by all Cannabis connoisseurs. As a boutique strain it’s grown in small batches to ensure quality so once we sell out we have to wait a few months for a new cycle to complete


Made from imported mothers to insure pure genetic heritage, this Sativa extract is your key to daytime creativity, focus and energy. Great for morning use to promote appetite or to help with cachexia, tension symptoms, this pure healthy extract has what you need to give your day a boost.


Girl Scout Cookies or GSC is an OG Kush strain from California. This Cannabis Cup winning strain has a high euphoria mixed with a full body relaxation. It has been used to treat pain, nausea and loss of appetite and it just makes you feel great. We recommend taking it slow for first timers of this strain as 41% this pen can pack quite a punch.

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