Meridian, my dear friends, where the sun shines brighter and the cannabis grows greener, beckons you to explore the wonders of medical cannabis. Are you tired of your habitual Google searches of ‘Cannabis Near Me’? Fret not my fellow herbal explorers, your quest is over! You see, SOAR Dispensary, Meridian is not your usual tea party, it’s an exclusive paradise for green enthusiasts.

Nestled among the tranquil suburbs of Marion, Russell, Bailey, Nellieburg, and Collinsville, we could almost call ourselves a ‘Dispensary Near Me’. We specialize in a healthy dose of laughter (side effect of our products, among other fun things). So, if you find yourself sneaking around the question, “Is there a dispensary near me in MS that provides a mix of giggles with their high-grade medical cannabis?” then the answer just ‘blew up in smoke’. Yes, we mean SOAR. SOAR Dispensary is your own personal rainbow where the gold is replaced with the green.

Oh and by the way! Meridian, MS isn’t just known for singing birds and brewing coffee, it is also famed for having the greenest, proudest, and most learned herbal aficionados this side of the Mississippi.

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