Nestled in the heart of Raymore, MO, there’s no place quite like Codes Dispensary. However, Raymore is not just about this fantastic dispensary. Our city has much more to offer.

Explore Belton, Raymore’s Neighbor

Situated just a few miles from Raymore, Belton, MO is a fantastic day trip location. To enjoy some local history and culture, visit the Belton, Grandview, and Kansas City Railroad Co. Train rides there provide a unique view of the historical town. Engage in a diversity of cuisines at the local restaurants to satisfy your taste buds.

If you’re seeking relaxation within nature, Raymore’s personal paradise, Raymore Parks is just the place to visit. Explore the local flora and fauna through the variety of trails within the park.

Shopping Spree at Raymore Shopping Center

A visit to Raymore, MO wouldn’t be complete without a shopping session at the Raymore Shopping Center. Shop to your heart’s content at the various fashion stores, antique shops, and boutiques packed with unique finds.

Lastly, enjoy a memorable golfing experience at Creekmoor Golf Club. The lush green golf course not only offers breathtaking views but also exciting golfing sessions for beginners and experts alike. After a day of fun-filled activities, wind down at Codes Dispensary where a plethora of options await to help you relax and recharge, ready for another day in beautiful Raymore, MO.

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