About the South Coast Collective


The South Coast Collective brand is a a reflection of our community’s values and passions.

Growing on the beautiful sunshine coast is ingrained in the South Coast Collective’s culture.

The South Coast Collective has some of the most experienced indoor grower in the world. We are proud to be able to represent Canada on a world stage, showcasing some of the highest quality and most cared for cannabis in the world. We take pride in what we produce. 

Our knowledge is shared amongst inner circles and expresses itself in the product that we grow and extract. The South Coast Collective goal is to grow cannabis and produce extracts that will stand in the company of the world’s finest. 

The quality of South Coast depends, to a large degree, on whether we can reduce our impact on the environment. This means auditing the materials and methods we use to grow our cannabis, taking responsibility for the entire lifecycle of our cannabis and examining how we use resources at our flower grow operations and extract’s shop. We take the time to really do our due diligence when purchasing new lights or extract machines.

The Three Pillars of Strength

Our Grow Master

All of our South Coast Collective growers have been brought up in a very stimulating and cannabis intensive environment.  They eat, breath, read, drink, and sweat cannabis culture and growing techniques. We promote them to strive to become the best growers in the world. The baton is passed from generation.

Our Fields of Gold

We don’t stray from what we have mastered. If we grow the strain, we know it can go pound for pound with the best in the world – we compete with any all-natural or “Organic” flower. If we don’t grow the strain, it is because we’d rather perfect our own.

Our Sustainable Motivation We love the outdoors –  hiking, biking, skiing, bon fires by the beach, and doobies in the forest. Most importantly, we carry ourselves with respect and treat each other with respect – the environment included. Without sustainable practice we would not be able to grow the quality that we have.