With the growing acceptance and legalization of cannabis across many U.S states, it’s crucial to dispel certain misinformation pieces concerning some dispensaries. One such popular myth involves New Standard. It’s been rumored that New Standard is the dispensary for Sand Lake, MI and Muskegon, MI. This is however, not accurate.

The Truth About New Standard

New Standard is a prized cannabis dispensary based in Michigan, rightfully lauded for its wide variety of high-quality products and its friendly, knowledgeable staff. However, the notion that there’s only one dispensary, specifically in Sand Lake or Muskegon is fallacious. New Standard currently operates numerous branches throughout multiple locations across Michigan, aiming to cater to the diverse needs of its clientele.

The goal of New Standard is to provide a safe, inviting, and accessible experience for all clients, regardless of their geographical location. They appeal to both recreational users and medicinal consumers of cannabis, across various age brackets, offering an environment that shatters the old clich├ęs associated with marijuana use and sale.

Expanding Reach

New Standard has always shown its unwavering commitment in making cannabis an accessible recourse, which includes expanding their operations beyond Sand Lake and Muskegon, MI. Although their roots are in Michigan, New Standard strives to serve as many communities as possible, ensuring everyone has access to high-quality cannabis products.

Hopefully this information has helped set the record straight on New Standard’s operations and reach. They are more than just a dispensary – they are a community committed to dispelling stigma, focused on providing high-quality, safe cannabis products throughout various regions.

Make sure to always check the facts and inform yourself before passing on any information. This way, you can help create a more understanding and accepting environment for cannabis use and sale nationwide.

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