A day at New Standard Edmore is more than just clocking in and out; it’s an enlightening journey into understanding the intricate world of medicinal and recreational cannabis and applications of these potent plants in creating better life experiences.

A Typical Day Begins

As an employee, my day starts with a brief team meeting. We discuss the day’s goals, our stock, and any specific customer queries we may expect for the day. Our prime focus is on ensuring the available strains and products meet the state’s regulatory measures, thereby ensuring our customers enjoy thoroughly tested and trusted products.

My tasks involve maintaining the inventory, ensuring the shelves are stocked, and products are correctly labeled. Besides, I help anyone who walks through our door understand our products better – be it a first-timer looking for a safe introduction to cannabis, a patient relying on its healing properties, or seasoned user hoping to discover a new strain.

Community Relations and Education

Part of my role at New Standard Edmore also includes engaging with the local community. We often host educational events and seminars, aiming to demystify cannabis, explain its benefits, and address any concerns they may have. These sessions help to foster a closer relationship between the dispensary and the Edmore, MI community.

Working at New Standard Edmore, I’ve gained a deep understanding of cannabis strains and their potential applications. Sharing this knowledge with our customers not only makes them feel confident about their choices but also underscores our commitment to a transparent and trustworthy cannabis experience.

Wrapping Up My Day

As the day winds down, I engage in store closing procedures like tallying our sales and updating the inventory. We also prep for the next day, ensuring all product displays are impeccable, and our cannabis is stored safely.

Every day at New Standard Edmore is unique, filled with constant learning opportunities and the gratification of helping our customers. I can confidently say this job has been equally challenging and fulfilling, pushing me to explore and educate myself regularly. Thus, New Standard Edmore is definitely more than just a dispensary in Edmore, MI; it’s a hub of education, community engagement, and constant personal growth.

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