Picture this: a bright sunny day in beautiful Round Lake Beach, IL. You’re chilled out, enjoying the calming symphony of lapping waters, but something is missing. What could possibly make this day even better? A trip to Altius Dispensary, of course!

A Journey of Joy and Greens

Now, what’s all the hype about Altius? This magical kingdom of green is a premier recreational cannabis dispensary that’s honed its craft to deliver skymark-level experiences. From gummies and chocolates to old school buds, Altius makes sure your cannabis needs are covered.

The great part is, you don’t need a sepia-toned map or a squirrel guide to find us. Positioned conveniently for both locals and those making a seaside pit stop, we’re located right in the heart of Round Lake Beach, IL.

Fun With Altius – Not Your Usual Dispensary Trip

At Altius, we’re committed to add a dollop of fun to each purchase. You may just find the treasure at the pot’s end of the rainbow. So why wait? Upgrade your day with a sprinkle of laughter and a side of Altius, the key to the best day you could possibly have in Round Lake Beach, IL.

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