Hello, folks! Good news travels fast, but funny news with a twist of unique flavor; now that’s practically rocket speed. Here’s some – New Standard has taken up the mantle of being the go-to dispensary for both Whitehall, MI, and Nunica, MI.

Why are we considered as the “New Standard?” Pardon any presumptuousness, but we believe we’ve set the bar for fun and relaxation. Our quality, variety, and awesome customer service are making waves rippling far beyond our saturated local market.

Trust us, you won’t find the kind of variety of products we offer elsewhere with their delightful effects. Ever imagined getting a good night’s rest, feeling on top of the world, or laughing so hard you thought you’d exhausted your quota? Our diverse selection will get you there.

If you’re in Whitehall or Nunica, the prospect of a dull moment should be as likely as growing a third arm. So, come on down! We are thrilled to bring you a new standard in good times.

By admin